Western Australia

Western Australia is rugged, peaceful, huge and extremely beautiful! It’s by far the largest state in Australia and really has something for everyone. When you think of Australia, you quickly come across Sydney, Melbourne, kangaroos and Steve Irwin. Most people visiting Australia head to the east coast for the first time. This is understandable in itself, as there is simply more to do here. The cities and highlights are closer together, which makes traveling easier.

We have fallen for the Australian west coast. There is a very nice and relaxed atmosphere here, the beaches are breathtakingly beautiful, the landscape is rough and the roads are long. We have lived on the west coast of Australia for half a year and will tell you all about our experiences.


Australia’s west coast is vast and sparsely populated. The largest city in Western Australia is Perth, with a population of less than 2 million people. Perth is also known as the most remote city in the world. If you want to see something cool outside Perth, you have to drive a lot. South of Perth you can visit the world famous wine region and surf spots of Margaret River. A little further down you will find the place with perhaps the most beautiful beaches in Australia: Esperance.

If you drive up from Perth you will end up after many hours on the road in Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, the Kimberleys and Broome. There is plenty to see and experience in Western Australia, you just have to take your time. The beaches in Western Australia are, in our opinion, more beautiful than on the east coast (where the beaches are beautiful as well). The water is so blue and the sand extremely white. Another very big plus on the west coast is the sun that goes down in the ocean, which gives a magical picture every day.


It makes sense to start your journey in Perth. Perth is a great city to explore and from here you can plan the rest of your trip. From the Netherlands you fly back and forth for around 800 to 1,000 euros to Perth. We recommend that you allow at least 2 weeks for this trip, because you need some travel time. When you are already in Sydney or for example Bali, a one-way ticket to Perth costs about 150 euros.


The ideal travel time for Australia, and in this case the west, is actually impossible to say. We spent here from November to April and experienced the weather as great. Every day about 30 degrees with a breeze. There are certainly days when it is really very hot with temperatures tapping 40 degrees. Fortunately, the sea in Western Australia is a bit cooler, which makes cooling off pleasant.

You have to realize that the further north you go, the warmer it gets. In the north it can rain a lot more often due to the tropical climate and this can lead to flooding. Because the seasons have been reversed in Australia winter starts here when summer starts in Europe. Winter in Perth can actually be compared to autumn in the Netherlands. The temperature drops to about 16 degrees, which can feel a bit cold for Australia.

As said, we have been here from November to April. We have experienced this as more than fine. As Dutch people, let’s not complain when it is too hot for a day. The weather back home in the Netherlands is something we don’t want to talk about.

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