The Komodo Islands

Komodo is an island group between Sumbawa and Flores, located in the Sea of Flores. The archipelago consists of several large and small islands, of which Komodo, Rinca and Padar are the m most famous. This area is all about the Komodo National Park and that’s not without a reason. Here you can find a prehistoric “monster”, the Komodo dragon. Besides the presence of this “dragon”, Komodo has much more to offer. An additional advantage is that it’s a lot quieter in Komodo in terms of tourism than, for example, the nearby Bali.

A trip through the Komodo islands is something you shouldn’t miss. I dare say that this is the most beautiful underwater world I have ever seen. And don’t forget about the landscape above water. In this blog, I will persuade you to go here before Komodo is completely overrun with tourists.

I did a 5 day boat tour with Le Pirate Explorer, where I visited the whole area and enjoyed the beautiful nature. You will be introduced to the manta ray, the Komodo dragon, the beautiful sunrise on the island of Padar, the coral that is still fully intact and much more. Of all the tours I have done in my life, this is number one!


If you want to go to the Komodo Islands, the most logical way is to fly to Labuan Bajo. From Bali you fly in about an hour for about 100 euros to this place on the island of Flores. From here, several boats leave daily to Komodo National Park for a day trip or for a trip where you spend the night on the boat. There are also boats that sail from Lombok in a multi-day trip to Flores. We slept in the newly opened Seaesta Hostel. For an Indonesian hostel, this is quite expensive at 15 euros per night, but I have never slept in such a modern hostel.


The best travel time for Komodo is from May to October. During this period it’s warm and it rains only occasionally. The months of December to March are considered the wet season. The advantage here is that the landscape is greener. We went in October and considered the weather to be perfect. A good point about visiting is this period is that there’s a great chance of seeing the manta rays.

Do you want to know more about my trip? Check out more about Labuan Bajo, diving or island hopping in Komodo here!

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