Perth, the most isolated metropolis in the world

When you think of Australia, you soon start thinking of the well-known cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Yet, according to varying opinions, one of the most liveable cities on earth is Perth. With just under 2 million inhabitants, this is the only major city in Western Australia. Therefore it’s the most remote metropolis in the world. Yet there is plenty to do in the Perth area. You’ll find the most beautiful beaches, the city is surrounded by the Swan River and the atmosphere is more than relaxed. The city, like all other major cities in Australia, is surrounded by dozens of suburbs.

You will find the most beautiful suburbs on the coast. About 10 to 15 kilometres from the centre of Perth you will find places like Scarborough, Cottesloe, Fremantle and Sorrento, each with their own charm. These places are located on the Indian Ocean and that’s what makes life on this side of Australia so unique. The beaches you will see here are similar to those in places like the Maldives or the Bahamas. The sand is almost as white and the seas extremely blue. A nice extra is that you can watch the sun go down here every night in the ocean, which is a beautiful spectacle.

Most people visit Perth for a few days, then explore the west coast with a motorhome or rental car. We lived in Scarborough, a suburb of Perth, for six months. In some areas, Western Australia transcends the more popular East Coast. In this blog we will tell you how you can best spend your time in Perth. We do this on the basis of 4 tips that you should not miss during your days in Perth:

  1. Walk through Perth city centre
  2. Relax and people watch in Kings Park
  3. Enjoy Scarborough Beach
  4. The authentic atmosphere in Fremantle


Perth is a city that you can compare to a city like Rotterdam. In terms of atmosphere, people and shops, you sometimes have the idea that you are bumping through “de Koopgoot”. The city is less “lively”, if you compare this with Sydney, for example. At the same time, this gives an atmosphere that is pleasant. People don’t care about others, everyone greets each other and the infrastructure in the city is well organized. Get off in Yagan Square and walk through the centre, which is not very big at all. Be sure to check out Elizabeth Quay, a harbor on the Swan River. Here you can enjoy walking and enjoy all the beauty that Perth has to offer. For the most vibrant nightlife, you’ll need to be in the Northbridge district. There are some ‘crazy’ people walking around here and there are many backpackers to be found. Ideal to get to know people.


Kings Park is a gigantic park on the outskirts of Perth. This park is full of beautiful trees and is about 4 km2 in total. From here you can have a beautiful view of the city and the Swan River. You can also enjoy hiking or cycling and enjoy what the park has to offer. We like to chill on a blanket with some snacks and enjoy all the people who bump along. And how better to end the day with a typical Australian barbecue?


As mentioned, we lived in Scarborough for six months. And this was truly a fantastic time! The beach is beautiful, especially the walk from Scarborough Beach to Trigg Beach is a pleasure. The sea is, especially early in the morning, as if you are bathing. With a little luck you can see the stingrays swimming underneath you. When you visit Scarborough between November and April, the Sunset Markets take place here every Thursday. This is a market by the sea with many different food trucks, which you can enjoy during the sunset. Either way, the sunset in Scarborough is a picture itself and best viewed from, how appropriate, Sunset Hill. In Scarborough you will also find some nice tents for a snack or drink. What should not be missing is getting an ice cream from Dumbo gelato.


Last year Fremantle was voted number 7 in the list “best city on the world” by Lonely Planet. When you enter Fremantle you seem to go back in time. It gives an old English atmosphere with buildings with an old-fashioned appearance. There is a hippie vibe in this city, located 30 minutes from Perth, and it shows in the people walking around. Everywhere on the street you’ll find creative art and street artists. A day of people watching in this place is something you should really do.

Furthermore, a walk through the infamous Cappucino Strip is a must and don’t forget to score a good cup of coffee. The Fremantle Markets is also an attraction in itself. In this market you will find the most diverse products and you can get delicious fresh food. Furthermore, the beautiful Bathers Beach is within walking distance, although you want to escape the crowds.

Fremantle is good to visit as a day trip, but if you want to stay a little longer here, there are countless affordable hostels here. For about 12 euros per night you can sleep here in a cozy dorm. This is also the perfect way to get to know people. A nice hostel is the Old Fire Station Hostel, located on the edge of the centre. Fremantle is also good to do on foot, since it’s not huge. There is a train from platform 7 in the centre of Perth in about half an hour to Fremantle which costs you about 3 euros.

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