Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is the gateway to Komodo National Park. Many people who are going to do a tour through the Komodo Islands sleep in Labuan Bajo before and after the tour. Located on the island of Flores, this city lives on fishing and really gives you the feeling that you are going back in time. There isn’t much to do in Labuan Bajo itself. It is a long main street with many dive shops, restaurants, massages and scooter rental companies. So nothing crazy. Labuan Bajo is a beautiful place to see the sunset from different places though. With a view of the Komodo National Park you can see the sun disappear into the sea with the islands in the distance. A lovely sight if you ask me.

Since the climate Flores is quite dry, it’s hot and humid, which leads to many wet spots on your body. So don’t worry too much! From Labuan Bajo you can rent a scooter and explore the island. Fairly close by are some beautiful waterfalls and the Rangko Cave, a beautiful cave that requires some climbing and scrambling. You can drive on the surprisingly good roads here which also gives some beautiful views. If you prefer to do this with a private driver this is possible as well, although you pay a little more.


Like in many places in Asia, the food in Labuan Bajo is delicious. There are several places on the main street, where you can buy local specialties for an apple and an egg from a few old ladies. Would you like to try something western again, La Cucina is a modern Italian restaurant, where you can have a proper pizza. Fresh fish can also be collected every day at the port. Don’t be shocked by the mess, the fish seems to be fantastic.


Seasta Hostel – We slept here before our tour. This is a very modern, brand new hostel which costs about 15 euros a night for a shared room. You have a view over the entire city and the rooms and chill spaces are of unparalleled beauty. Highly recommended, but perhaps better for after your tour. After all, you haven’t had any luxury for 4 or 5 days.

Ciao Hostel – After the tour we slept 3 more days in this hostel. It is quite quiet and gives a beautiful view over the National Park. Free shuttle buses go to and from the city and the airport. A night in a 6-person room costs 12 euros a night.

From Labuan Bajo we went on a multi-day boat tour and did the most beautiful dives of my life with manta rays and massive sharks!

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