In love with Lombok

In addition to the little known sister of Bali, Lombok is now increasingly popular with travelers. This island is known for its many pristine beaches, waterfalls and of course the Rinjani volcano. Lombok is not as crowded as the neighboring island of Bali and doesn’t (yet) have all the overwhelming luxury. However, for us this is just one reason to go. Lombok is perfect for renting a scooter and taking it all day, exploring the island. We really enjoyed the people and their hospitality, the peace, the surfing and the delicious food. And there is more, the tropical Gili Islands are just steps away from Lombok!


⌲ Flying.

We flew to Lombok in 30 minutes from Bali. At Skyscanner we found tickets for about 20 euros a person.

⌲ Boating.

The slow boat takes you from Bali to Lombok in 4-6 hours. This takes a little more time but it saves you some money, since a single ticket is only 3 euros. For a little more money you can also take the fast boat to Lombok, which will take about 2 hours. This option may be a bit expensive for true budget travelers, but it is practical.

Whether you arrive at the port or at the airport, you’ll see plenty of taxis. These taxis often have fixed prices that have been agreed by the local community. In general, these are higher than in Bali. Uber / GoJek is not yet very well known on Lombok


Scootering/Motorbike! The best way, at least in our opinion, is to explore Lombok by scooter or motorbike. Hairs in the wind, glasses on, a cold coke in your pocket and enjoying all the beauty. Not all roads are equally well maintained, so be careful. The distances to the really cool things are sometimes quite decent. So take your time and stop now and then to stop the well-known ‘wooden butt’. Don’t forget to chat with the lovely locals.

For example, if you want to drive to Pink Beach from Kuta, it will take you at least 2 hours. We didn’t see any tourists on the way, which makes it extra special. If you want to see more highlights of the island, click here.

Taxis are everywhere Lombok. You can agree on a price with this (with bargaining, of course), although most do have a minimum amount due to mutual agreements.


The best travel time for Lombok and the Gili Islands is between June and October, you will avoid the biggest rain showers. During these months it’s usually dry. It can of course, like almost everywhere in Asia, suddenly start storming for a few hours. The temperature is always nice, although it can get quite humid. In any case, make sure you always drink enough, especially water.

Our adventure started in Kuta, where we went to Pink Beach and Gerupuk for surfing. More information about these last two locations can be found at the highlights.

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