Diving in Komodo

The underwater world in Komodo National Park is one of the most impressive on Earth. I can’t call myself an experienced diver, but secretly I get the feeling that I have already seen one of the most beautiful places under water. Diving in Komodo is a special experience. Not only because of the large and special fish, more because of the fact that the current plays a major role in this area. We have all experienced rapids in a swimming pool. Komodo is diving with a current adjustment, but then 10 times stronger. Oh yes, and there are countless sharks, fish, rays and squids swimming under you. For me, this was an experience to remember and that’s why I wonder if it ever gets better.

When you arrive in Labuan Bajo you’ll see many dive shops in the street, where you can book your dive tours. We booked our dive with Uber Scuba Dive Komodo. They are one of the few diving schools that go to Batu Balong (read tip at bottom of page). Everything is arranged for you, from diving gear to lunch and snacks. You also get a discount when you stay in the beautiful Seaesta Hostel. Three dives with Uber Scuba Dive Komodo will cost you around 110 euros.


Below you can find a list of the most beautiful dive spots in Komodo National Park that you shouldn’t miss:

Batu Balong – This spot is definitely number one on the list. This is a dive site that really is only for advanced users. Batu Balong is a so-called pinnacle, a large rock that rises above the water. Around this rock is a gigantic current, which can make it somewhat creepy. The good thing is that this movement attracts large animals, including a number of large sharks. With my, at that time, five completed dives in Nusa Penida, I was inexplicably allowed to enter the water and I can say that this is my “sickest” dive ever. You drop in, you go deeper and deeper and go swimming around the pinnacle. You are sucked in by the current and the question is actually which way you are going. Batu Balong is a 10 meter high wall full of colored coral and fish that you have never seen. From clownfish to Giant Barracuda and from Blacktip Reefsharks to Giant Sweetlips. All colors of the rainbow appear in it. When you turn around and look in the “deep blue”, you will be amazed at the number of sharks you will see! The excitement, diversity of animals and the beautiful coral make Batu Balong the most impressive dive I have ever done.

2. Castle Rock – This dive was perhaps even more exciting than the one in Batu Balong. This is because when you are under water, you literally have to hold on to stones in order not to be sucked by the current. It feels like a movie theater, you hang from a stone and see the spectacle of hunting sharks, small fish and large rays right in front of you. In any case, make sure you don’t let go !!

3. Mawan – Spotting manta rays is best done at Mawan. Besides the hundreds of other fish that you see swimming past, it’s just waiting for the appearance of the largest ray on earth. We waited behind a hill for the giant manta ray to swim over us. This is a beautiful sight and something you will never forget.

4. Sebayor Kecil – During this dive you will be slowly sucked by the current. So this is the real experience of gentle rapids in an elderly pool. Only now you are underwater and you see beautiful colored squids, coral and other creatures around you. You can quietly enjoy all the beauty with your arms and legs crossed.

There are many more wonderful dives you can do in Komodo, these are just my favorites. Especially the first two are really worth it. When you book dives in Komodo, signs for the dive shops indicate which dives they will do the next day. So make sure you’ll watch the signs and pick the right dive shop.

Tip: Batu Balong is a dive that can only be provided by 1 diving school per day. This is because of the protection of nature. It’s a different diving school every day, or every few days. Try to find out whether the diving school has the permit for the following days in the coming days.

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