Different times, different measures

As a little girl I was always busy making, drawing and inventing things. With a glass of blue Taksi and a Brinky next to me on the table, I spent weekends in my jungle room, which functioned as a sort of mess factory manufacturing drawings, window stickers, jars, 3D cards and a real frog hotel. The hotel went very well, until the neighbors’ cats got wind of it and a kind of genocide took place in the garden. When the hotel closed its doors, I kept drawing.

During my journey that started in 2017, I had a huge list of books that I wanted to read, because that’s what you do as a “real traveller”. After two chapters of “The subtle art of not giving a f * ck” in three months, I gave up. I bought a nice yellow pad in Singapore and started drawing again, this time in a different style than before. The inspiration kept coming and I could scribble for hours on end with the music of Trevor Hall through my earplugs. Although many people said to me “Mate! You have to do something with that, dude! “People who know me know that I wasn’t very keen on that and am too insecure about my own ability. I much preferred to give my drawings away and made people visibly happy with this. The nice thing about this is that there are drawings of mine all over the world. This still gives me an incredibly satisfied and warm feeling every day. In addition, I never wanted to make money with what I just see as a hobby. And why would you want to spend a cent on my dreamy scribble?


Anyway, times seem to change sometimes and I sometimes need a kick against my ass. Unfortunately, due to all the havoc COVID has caused us to move from Western Australia back to New South Wales, I have had to quit my job. In the three months without paid work, I worked hard on new designs and thought a lot about how I wanted to bring them out into the world. My jungle room has been exchanged for an apartment by the sea and the blue Taksi turned into red wine. Furthermore, now I don’t have one fantastic guy who helps me, but I have two! By this I mean of course my father and Thom.


My designs are available in the Netherlands today in 10 different postcards designs! And I’m secretly very proud of that. All drawings are inspired by my love for the ocean, travel and the people I got to know along the way. So do you want to send your best friend, lonely granny or old teacher a unique card in this crazy times? Click here to take a look at the webshop.

Safari in Sri Lanka: het Udawalawe National Park

Safari in Sri Lanka: het Udawalawe National Park

Vroeg uit de veren, safari pet op en gaan met die banaan. Zorg dat het koortje van je verrekijker nog stevig genoeg is en smeer je goed in. Het is tijd om op safari te gaan. Een bezigheid waar veel mensen alleen maar van kunnen dromen. In een ruige Jeep toeren door de...

Farmwork in Australië

Wat is farmwork eigenlijk? Tegenwoordig zijn er een hoop mensen die thuis alles achter laten en het grote avontuur aan gaan. Ze zijn op zoek naar wat ze nu echt leuk vinden en waarom zou je dit niet in Australië doen? No worries, niemand die op je let, doen waar je...