7 highlights of Lombok

As discussed earlier, we think discovering Lombok by scooter is by far the most fun thing to do! You already rent a scooter for a low price of between 5 and 10 euros per day. Watch out for the scooters that go just a bit faster than in our little country. Assuming that you are completely in control, you can enjoy the beautiful Tiu Kelep waterfall, a so-called pink beach that is really pink and countless other beautiful hidden beaches. In this blog we tell you about our 7 highlights of Lombok by scooter. So helmet and goggles on, her loose, cold beer in your buddy, hangs on the gas and go!

We have described our highlights with the scooter from two locations, Kuta and Senggigi. We spent most of our time around Kuta. But also from the village of Senggigi you can make some beautiful trips and the boats also leave from here towards the Gili Islands. Below you will find the highlights per location.



At about a two hour drive from the center of Kuta you will find Pantai Segui, or Pink Beach. This special beach is known for the real pink sand and the accompanying turquoise sea. Plan your visit between noon and 3 PM. At this time of the day, the sun is at its highest and the pink color is the brightest. The route there is beautiful, where you pass several villages and occasionally drive off road.

PAY ATTENTION! Monkeys. These rather large little bitches are not afraid of tourists and will run away laughing with your belongings. It is probably not a good idea, but as far as we are concerned you can give one a smack.


In the immediate vicinity of Kuta, within half an hour drive, you will find a beautiful bat cave called Goa Buwun Prubu. This cave is full of bats and so is the smell. Yet many people come here for a different reason. At noon the sun shines right in here, which gives a beautiful phenomenon. Many photographers come here to capture this. You won’t believe it, but we were here at 1am, so we were to late. But it looks beautiful on photos though.


Tanjung Aan is probably the best known beach of Lombok. At about 15 minutes from Kuta you will find turquoise water, palm trees, delicious local eateries and plenty off water sports. It’ss a good place to learn surfing as well. Due to the somewhat smaller, quiet waves, this is the ideal starting point for your surfing career. Renting a SUP is secretly just a must here. Paddle, look around you and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. What more do you want? If you just want to enjoy your lounger with a good book peeping from a coconut, this is also a great option.


At about 15 minutes from Kuta you will find the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. The sun goes down into the ocean and you have a beautiful view of the mountains and villages of Lombok. You park your scooter and after a short walk of five minutes you can choose your perfect spot. Here too the tip to walk a little further now and then to avoid the crowd. You can also buy a nice cold beer or coconut from the locals on this “mountain” and help them immediately. The children are also very friendly. Their parents often use them to sell bracelets. However, you make them much happier with a joke or dance.


This is Lianne’s favorite! For the perfect “cruisy” longboard waves, there are surf spots at Gerupuk. You can drive here within an hour, after which you have to take a local boat to the desired spot. For about 20 euros you rent a board and they take you where you want to go. The captain will wait for you here for two hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy yourself. We had a top session at “Don Don’s”.

The advantage of these surf spots is that the bottom often consists of sand and seaweed, and not razor-sharp coral. Partly because of this, it is certainly a wonderful experience for the less experienced people among us such as Thom!



You simply can’t miss this waterfall. A short 2 hour drive from the village of Senggigi you will find the most beautiful, most “Instagram-worthy” waterfall of Lombok, Tiu Kelep. We also went to see what it was really worth. We, as self-proclaimed waterfall specialists, have put this waterfall in our top 3. And that says enough in our opinion!

Note: The Tiu Kelep waterfall is located at the foot of the Rinjani volcano. Last year, this area was hit hard by a deadly earthquake, destroying hundreds of homes. People have lost everything and unfortunately have no “extra money” stand on their savings. When you arrive at this waterfall, you will undoubtedly be asked to pay a surcharge and an accompanying guide. The route to the waterfall is very easy to walk yourself, but according to them this is “impossible”. Help your fellow human being and let a nice guide take you to the falls for 20 euros. If you are lucky, he will take a nice cookie and take some nice photos.


Unfortunately we were unable to climb this huge mountain and do a multi-day trip. If we ever go back to Lombok, which will undoubtedly happen, we will do this 100% for sure.

Sengiggi is also the place from where you depart to the different Gili islands. Lianne has been on Trawangan, Air and Meno on her back pack journey. This time we went to idyllic Gili Meno together. Read more about the Gili’s here!

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