13 tips for travelling solo as a girl

Despite the fact that traveling alone as a girl is becoming increasingly popular, many still consider it too be a big step. Instead of telling you to go or you will regret it, I’ll give you tips to give you confidence to take the step. You know yourself that you will regret if you want it, but don’t do it. Traveling alone as a girl is, like everything, a learning process. You cannot learn everything in one trip. The more you do it the more fun it gets!

1. There is no instruction manual

As chill as it may be, there is no guide for traveling alone. It is the ultimate feeling of freedom, so it would be crazy if someone told you how to travel alone. Traveling alone means traveling your way. Where you shouldn’t let yourself be influenced too much by others, but above all be inspired.

2. Choose a woman friendly destination

Traveling alone can be overwhelming. Especially in the beginning or if you aren’t yet comfortable with it. The best way to start your trip relaxed is to choose a destination that is easy to do as a girl on your own. It’s okay to choose a country outside of your comfort zone, but perhaps gaining some experience in a “easier” country would be nice.

3. Plan your first night(s) in advance

Nothing is more annoying than arriving exhausted in a foreign country and having no place to stay. Make sure you have a place on the first night. This way you can get used to it and find out what to do next from here.

4. Stay motivated

Travel solo for the right reasons. Are you motivated to travel alone and are you inspired by other travel stories? Beautiful! The latter will give you that extra push to travel alone. There are tons of inspiring travel blogs for girls who travel alone.

5. Pack your bag as lightly as possible

Do you really need six dresses, fifteen bikinis and five pairs of shoes? My experience has taught me that you have two or three fairly basic favorites, because it just feels good. That’s perhaps the most important thing. Choose easy colors so that you can combine everything a bit. In addition, with a lighter bag it is simply much cooler and cheaper to travel.

6. Not everyone is there to bother you

Keep an open, positive and friendly attitude towards others. This is how you achieve the most. In general, I never think of danger at first and I don’t mistrust anyone if there is no reason to do so. Some things are just common sense. Don’t go out on your own at night, that’s asking for trouble.

7. Trust your intuition

This is SO important. When you feel that something isn’t right, it is. If you are “couch surfing” and don’t feel comfortable, go away! Make sure you have a replacement accommodation first. The same goes for taxis. Sit in the back with your things instead of everything in the trunk. You will be out again quickly, if necessary. If you don’t use Uber, but regular taxis that are on the street, choose the one that makes the least effort to take you. These probably have the least bad intentions since they don’t want to bother you anyway.

8. Keep your accommodation to yourself

Actually, I mainly just mean that you have to be careful with whom you let yourself in. As mentioned before, you really don’t have to mistrust everyone, but there are plenty of crazy people in the world. So keep the place where you sleep good to yourself.

9. Don’t swing your belongings around

Thieves are always and everywhere. Walking around the street with your expensive jewelry isn’t very beneficial. Store your jewelry well or simply leave it at home. Use your phone in places where it is less noticeable. Walking through the city with music is nice, but it also shows that you have a phone in your pocket and you are less alert. For example, you can use an old MP3 player or iPod with only 1 earbud in it. Put your cash and passport away properly. Your passport is the most important thing during your trip, so guard it with your life. ?

10. Learn about the local scams

Better safe than sorry. Many places have some common “scam” ways to trick you. Getting informed about this in advance can save you a lot of fuss. You also immediately know what to look out for.

11. Buy a local SIM card

Why bother when it can be done easily? Everything used to be with paper maps, but now we have Google Maps. In addition, our phone is often also our camera and it is nice to be in contact with others if necessary. A tourist SIM card is available at most airports. This is often installed immediately for you, so you are always available. Also a nice idea for the people at home.

12. Appropriate clothing

As nice as that new umbilical sweater is, in some cultures this is simply not done. Make sure you are aware of the dress code and always have a sarong with you. Actually, this is just a piece of cloth. If you want to go somewhere, where you have to cover certain parts of the body, it is so easy. It is often pretty nice too.

13. ENJOY!

Everyone sometimes needs me-time. No one to tell you what to do or what to expect from you. Enjoy it! It’s your journey and you decide what happens and when it happens. Take a nice walk, have a coffee somewhere, go to a museum or read a book in a nice place. Traveling alone as a girl can take some time, maybe not. If you ever need a little encouragement, there are thousands of women worldwide traveling alone. And that is not without reason. You’re going to love it!

If you want to know more about how I have fared, read “Why I find traveling alone as a girl so terrible.”

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